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Top 10 Defensive Tactics to Combat Cyber Attacks

Nobody wants to be hit with ransomware or to find their name all over the media because they just got hacked. This training course will give you the top ten defensive tactics needed to identify and protect your environments and provide a quick overview of actual cybersecurity concerns in today’s world. Ron Taylor, Security Architect at Cisco, will walk through the latest, top-of-mind security threats in the industry today. This course will additionally outline strategies for Cyber Defense against the current threats impacting technology today. Attendees will gain access to a cloud-based lab environment to give you the opportunity to dive in and get hands on experience with offensive and defensive tactics.

Course Schedule

The timeframes are only estimates and may vary according to how the class is progressing.

Overview of current Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities (20 min)
Social Engineering and reconnaissance
Attacker techniques
Types of attacks

Tactic 1 - Hack yourself (15 min)
Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments

Tactic 2 - Secure your process (15 min)
Best practice for security process implementation

Tactic 3 - Lock your doors (15 min)
Best practices for authentication and authorization
Break (10 min)

Tactic 4 - Know your network (30 min)
Surveying the importance of visibility in cyber defense

Tactic 5 - Build a wall (15 min)
Concepts related to physical security

Tactic 6 - Hide your secrets (15 min)
Overview of the use of encryption for cyber defense

Tactic 7 - Protect the endpoint (15 min)
Endpoint security posture and hardening
Break (10 min)

Tactic 8 - Protect the network (15 min)
Network security posture and hardening

Tactic 9 - Protect the cloud (15 min)
Cloud security posture and hardening

Tactic 10 - Have a plan for when you do get hacked (15 min)
What to do when you do get hacked. Because eventually everyone does so you must be prepared.
Wrap up/Next steps/Q&A (25 min)

Next steps, including a hands-on lab environment where students can gain more real-world experience with the tactics discussed.


How do I get access to the lab environment?

The Lab environment for this course is hosted on Cisco Dcloud. You will be assigned a lab pod when the class starts.  From there you will receive an email with a link to the lab environment.  You can also login directly at 

Where can I find the lab guide?

The lab guide can be downloaded from the resources section in the lab environment once you login?

How long will I have access to the lab environment?

The lab pods are scheduled and assigned for one week. However, this can be extended at your request.

Who should I reach out to for help with the labs?

Please send an email to rontay at