Cisco Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting is an art.  It requires complete understanding of the environment you are defending,  while relentlessly and proactively pursuing the unknown.

Cisco Cyber Defense Clinic

Both hacking and defense strategies are evolving at a rapid pace. To truly understand them, students and professionals alike need hands-on interaction with the latest tools to hone their cybersecurity expertise.

Cisco offers a unique opportunity for individuals to work with an advanced set of automated, integrated cybersecurity technologies. Participants will see popular hacking tools in action and gain experience defending critical data.

Cisco threat Hunting workshop

In the heat of a crisis, every keystroke counts and indecision could cost your organization millions of dollars.

Join Cisco's Threat Hunting Workshop to develop your skills and test your abilities. At the end of the workshop you will be armed with knowledge and hands-on experience in hunting down threats and defending networks against advanced adversaries.

Cisco Zero trust workshop

in a zero-trust security approach, every access attempt is treated as if it's originating from an untrusted source. Cisco is here to help you build trust. Join our security experts for hands-on workshops to learn how you can successfully adopt a zero-trust strategy.

Cisco Umbrella Studio: A Cloud Security Workshop

The future of network security is moving to the cloud. IT Team have more users, devices, applications, and data to secure than ever before, and existing security models are falling short. With more users working remotely or from satellite offices, organizations are implementing direct internet access (DIA) at branch locations and deploying SD-WAN solutions to optimize networking performance. As a result, security teams are transitioning from a traditional centralized security approach to a more decentralized security architecture.

Join one of our Cisco Umbrella Studio workshops to learn how Umbrella SIG can help their organizations address different security use cases, how to deploy and build their own Umbrella SIG configurations, earn points as they complete challenges to win prizes, and gain a sneak-peak on upcoming features.